Latest Air Hostess Salary in India | Benefits, duties, career growth, eligibility

The average salary of an air hostess is around 30000 to 60000 per month depending on experience.

Air hostess salary is high on demand in India, which makes it one of the most appealing jobs amongst the youth. The popularity of air hostesses is increasing day by day due to their highly paid salary, perks, benefits, and carrier growth. There is an overhead myth that air hostesses get paid a high salary. No doubt. It is true. An air hostess may get paid 30,000 or 60,000 or above, but some essential criteria define its salary. So it's pretty hard to say a fixed answer for the Air hostess salary in India. You will estimate the salary figure roughly by the end of this blog post.

Air Hostess Salary

There is no Difference Between Cabin Crew, Air Hostess and Flight Attendant. Only girls used to apply for this post back in the days, so it was called Airhostess. But nowadays, many airlines have started hiring men also for the job. So the words Cabin Crew, Flight attendant have come into place. And the word Airhostess is becoming out of trends.

Air Hostess Salary in Details

Every interested aspirant has a common doubt of the salary paid to an air hostess. Because we heard somewhere that air hostess don't get a fixed salary. It's true because it depends on several factors

  • Airline Industry: The salary of two air hostesses can never be the same, even when they have the same designation if they are from different airline Industry. It depends on how big the airlines are, how many years they have been on business, and many more.
  • Base: The simplified meaning of base is "from where you fly and to where your flight comes back." The bigger the base you work on, the higher salary you will get.
  • Flying hours: This is the most crucial factor for the salary of an air hostess. Apart from the basic salary, You can get paid somewhere between ₹ 375 to ₹ 525 per flying hour per various companies' flying allowance. On average, an air hostess gets 80 to 120 flying hours per month.
  • Domestic or international (Types of Airlines): In general, the domestic flight has fewer flying hours as compared to the international flight. Also, the pay per hour for a domestic flight is slightly leaser than that of an international flight.

Apart from these mentioned above, some other factors determine an air hostess's salary.

Some of them are Years of Experience, Communication Skills, Status of the Air Hostess Academy, etc.

Consider you will get a basic pay of 18,000 per month and get ₹ 400 per flying hour. Also, consider you have an average of 80 flying hours every month. You Salary will be : 18,000 + 400×80 = 50,000 per month or 6.00 L per annum.

Air hostess salary of domestic airlines

Name of Airlines Approximate salary (Per month)
Air India ₹ 42,750
Indigo ₹ 33,750
Spice Jet ₹ 35,500
Jet Airways ₹ 36,455
Vistara Airline ₹ 30,050
GoAir ₹ 31,175
Jagson Airlines ₹ 28,450

Benefits/ Advantages of Air Hostess/Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant in India

There are some of the most appealing benefits of air hostess:

  • Education with Salary: The most significant plus point for Cabin Crew is that a Cabin Crew gets a higher salary for lower qualification requirements as compared to other jobs. Nowadays, A degree is a minimum requirement to get a high paying job in India. But in the case of air hostess, 12th pass is the only required educational qualification.
  • Travailing: Air hostess is the desired job for those who like travailing.
  • Enough free time: Compared to other jobs, an air hostess is not required to work 30 days a month. You need to work only 13 to 20 days a month.
  • Comfortable environment: Airports are well maintained in each aspect. An air hostess/ cabin crew needs to perform their duty in a well-organized, comfortable environment.
  • Improved Lifestyle: Once you become an air hostess, you will interact with hundreds of people from different cultures from different places. Which indirectly improve your communication skills, behaviour, body language, confidence and much more. Which leads you to a better lifestyle.
  • Concession in-flight ticked: Air hostess is given concession in flight tickets. But the amount varies from the airline company to company.

Apart from these there are more benefits like Life Insurance for staff, Retirement benefits for their staff, Kit Allowance for each crew etc.

Disadvantages/ Cons of Being a Cabin Crew/Air Hostess

  • Lack of sleep: There is no fixed time for cabin crew or air hostesses' work. However, you will get time for sleeping, reading, or doing your favorite activity; it is not sure that you will get night time for sleeping. So you can not maintain the uniformity of your sleeping time.
  • Can't spend time with family: You hardly get time to spend with your family, even at festivals—because the number of passenger rise at the time of festivals. So there is no chance of getting off except for some extreme cases.

Apart from these, there are some other disadvantages. You may have to face annoying passengers sometimes, hardly possible to meet the same friend or colic again because hundreds of thousands of cabin crew are working in this aviation industry, and you have to work with them.

Duties or job profile of an Air Hostess

  • Welcoming the passengers on board with a smile with satisfying greet
  • Make sure the passengers for their comfort
  • Help them find their seats.
  • Serve meals, snacks
  • An arrangement of hand baggage
  • Making Important Announcements
  • Intimating passengers about safety procedures.

Career growth of Air hostess

Its overhead career growth opportunities also characterize the Airline industry. However, you'll probably start your journey in the airline industry as a cabin crew. You can expect the salary mentioned above in the starting two years of service. Later you will be promoted to higher designation with a massive hike in the salary also. Below are some career growth opportunities you can expect in this aviation industry.

  • Flight Purser: After completing your two years of service as a cabin crew, you will be promoted to flight Purser.
  • Senior flight Purser: You can become a senior pursuer after working three or four years as a cabin crew.
  • Cabin crew supervisor: Depending on your experience and sincerity, you can get promoted as a cabin crew supervisor after four to five years of service as a cabin crew.
  • Cabin Service Director: Later, you can get promoted as Cabin Service Director.

Required Qualification/Eligibility to become an Air Hostess/Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant

  • Educational Qualification: The minimum educational qualification to pursue the Air Hostess course is 10+2 from any recognized board or University.
  • Age limit: The age limit usually depends on the policy of the academic institute. They usually prefer candidates within the age group of 17 to 25 years.
  • Physical Standards: Physical appearance contributes a significant role in this industry. The minimum height of 155 cm for girls, 164 cm for boys is mandatory.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): BMI 18-25 is considered normal for males, and 18-22 is considered normal for females. [ BMI calculation Formula:: Weight in kg ÷ (height in meter)²]


  • The minimum educational qualification to pursue the Air Hostess course is 10+2 from any recognized board or University with an age limit of 17 to 25. Also, the candidate's BMI (Body Mass Index) should be 18-25 for males and 18-22 for females.

  • However, it's not possible to state a fixed salary, but the average expected salary of an air hostess is 43,225. It depends on the Airline Industry, the base of flight, flying hours and the type of airline, your experience, skills, and many more.
  • Yes. Of course. Air hostesses can marry. They are very desirable, good-looking, personable, and rare people. The girls should not be married at the time of joining. Later she can marry.
  • There is no such exam conducted to become an air hostess. But you need to have communication skills, interpersonal skills, confidence for the interview.