NSG Commando salary | Qualification, Training and Designations

A NSG Commandos earn from 85 thousand to 2.5 Lakhs per months depending on their ranks.

The average salary of an NSG Commando is around 1.5 Lakh per month. It basically depends on the rank of the personal. NSG Commandos earn from 85 thousand to 2.5 Lakhs, depending on their ranks. There is also various allowance offered to the NSG Commandos in addition to their salary.

There are two types of allowance offered to the black cat commando. Below are the allowance provided to the national security guard commandos.

NSG Commando salary

Allowance INR Per Month
Special forces allowance 27,000 Per Month
Deputation allowance 5,000 Per Month

If you compare the salary of NSG commandos with any military officers in the Indian army, you will find almost the same. Except for the special allowances and the salary for their mind-boggling unique skills.

What is NSG Commando ?

NSG Commandos is India's special elite force unit, which comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The NSG commandos were raised in 1984 as a Federal Contingency Deployment Force to deal with all terrorist activities in India. The motto of the NSG Force is "Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha

NSG is one of the Finest Counter-Terrorist Units in India, which performs significant roles ranging from Counter Terrorism to hostage Rescue and VVIP Protection. NSG Commandos are also known as Black Cat Commandos due to their black uniform. 

NGC Forcer consists of two divisions. First Special Action Group(SAG) and second Special Rangers Group (SRG). SAG Division is used for special operations like terrorist activities, hijacking, bomb disposal and for this division, only Indian Army personals are selected. And if we talk about SRG, then the whole division is used for tasks like VVIP protection, and the candidates for this division are selected from Paramilitary Force and Police Service.

Designation and rank structure of NSG Commando

Designation Badge
Inspector General
Deputy Inspector General
Group Commander
Squadron Commander
Team Commander

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How are NSG Commandos selected

Many young boys and girls who prefer to join this elite force always wonder how to become an NSG Commando. Unfortunately, it does not have a direct recruitment process. The selection of NSG commandos is generally made from the existing defence force itself. That means if you want to be an NSG commando, you have to join the Indian army or Paramilitary force for being eligible to become an NSG Commando.

Qualification of NSG commando

If you are applying for NSG Commandos, then it depends on which division you are applying for. If you want to apply for a Special Action Group (SAG), you first have to join the Indian Army. After joining the Indian Army, you can apply for SAG division from any post with commission and non-commission.

If you want to apply for Special Rangers Group (SRG) division, you must first apply for Indian Para Military Force such as CRPF, ITBP, RAF and BSF.  And only then can you apply for the SRG divisions. If we talk about its age limit, your age for NSG Commandos should be less than 30 years.

Training for NSG commando

The training of NGS Commandos takes place at the National Security Guard Training Center in Manesar, 50 km from New Delhi, which lasts for about 14 months. Still, before that, the commandos have to complete 90 days of basic training.

During this basic training, the commandos have to complete about 26 tasks within 18 minutes and cross 780 meters of obstacle. If the selected volunteers cannot complete the entire course within 20-25 minutes, in the beginning, they are rejected. Those who completed the whole course within 9 minutes are considered A-Catagory commando. The processes are very tough and challenging, and its dropout rate is 70-80% in the stage.

After completing 90 days of basic training, the commandos are sent for nine months of advanced training. During this advanced training, the commandos are taught to use many modern weapons and gadgets. The shooting skills of the NSG commandos are tremendous as the NSG commandos use about 50,000 to 62,000 live ammunition during their fire practice training. At the same time, there is not so much fire practice in the whole life of an ordinary soldier. Sometimes a commando in 1 day during his training makes about 2000 to 3000 fires. The firing practise of commandos is very complex and very advanced. Commandos have to hit 14 different targets within 25 seconds, and these 14 targets can be of all different types. 

In the NSG force, 53% are selected from the army, while 47% are from the paramilitary force. The maximum service period of Energy Commandos is only 5 years, and only 15-20% of the commandos are kept. The rest are sent back to their parent unit after 3 years.